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Wildfires of Texas / Eastland

These photos were taken January 2nd, 2006. Over 200,000 acres were lost in Texas to wildfires over the Christmas - New Years holidays. No fatalities were reported but many homes, cattle, fences and the winter's supply of feed were lost. These images are not for sale. Profit is not the purpose of these but rather to call attention to the people's plight as a result of these fires. If you can use these images to benefit the people or livestock, permission to use them will certainly be granted. Please email me. The CBS 11 and NBC 5 television networks in Dallas - Fort Worth used many of these images on their websites. CBS 11 was kind enough to travel to Carbon in Eastland County and produced a news report on the rancher's cattle situation which aired on January 4th, 2006. The result was ranchers with trailers came in from all parts of the state to take home the hungry and sometimes burned cattle until the owners could get back on their feet. It was hard for a rancher to care for his livestock with his home lying in ashes. The first images are from Comyn between Dublin and DeLeon, Texas. The later images are from Carbon in Eastland County, Texas.

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Solar Power Plant Construction at Walnut Springs Texas for Shoals Technologies. Documented the construction in photography from start to finish. Photos used for construction manuals and advertising purposes.

Promotional / Advertising photos for Texas grown Angus Beef being exported and marketed in Europe and the former Soviet Republics. 

 A commercial photography assignment for Santa Cruz Guitar company promoting their new Don Edwards Signature guitar. An early morning photo shoot on his ranch near Fairy, Texas. Photos used for advertising in Acoustic Guitar magazine and with Santa Cruz Guitar company. A few months later American Cowboy magazine picked up two of the photos for an article they published on Don Edwards.

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published photo / Cowboy Culture Celebration

Commercial Photography Services

A new store design for O'Reilly Auto Parts at China Spring Texas. - for corporate offices in Springfield Missouri.

One of the more interesting photography assignments from a company based in Plano Texas. It began at the Kohler manufacturing plant in Brownwood TX. They were reclaiming the new commodes that had been broken or damaged during manufacturing. They were then loaded from dumpsters into rail cars to be transported to Cactus Canyon Quarries outside of Marble Falls to be crushed by their rock crushers. The resulting pulverized material was then sent to Plano to be made into new counter tops and floor tiles.